About us


Enriching people's lives through digital media since 1985


Cogapp is a digital media agency. Founded in 1985, it operates from a headquarters in Brighton and an outpost in New York. 

Over thirty years the company has worked on a wide variety of different subject areas: arts; culture; history; science; health; sport; travel; social change; and consumer products, to name a few. The common thread that unites our projects is the ambitious use of digital media to produce work that enriches people's lives.

By producing work that enriches people's lives we also deliver outstanding long-term value for our clients.

Our scope

We have worked with almost every digital media technology from the floppy disk to the iPad. Current projects include websites, interactive installations and mobile apps.

As well as delivering projects we also advise, design, consult and provide maintenance and operating services.

We provide a complete service. We have experienced in-house teams for production, design, technology and user experience. Our in-house skills cover the vast majority of our clients' requirements, but where needed we can call on an extensive network of associates.

Our clients

Cogapp's clients are world-leading organizations on both sides of the Atlantic and internationally.  Notable case studies include work for Apple, Microsoft, the British Museum, the BBC, MoMA, Manchester United, London 2012, Dorling Kindersley, the Qatar National Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Our team

The Cogapp team currently features around a dozen friendly professional staff. Our Team section has a complete set of staff profiles.

User-centred design

User-centred design is key to our work and is literally at the heart of our business. Our in-house user testing facilities are the centrepiece of our office layout. This reduces cost for our clients and helps us make sure that everything we produce gets maximum benefit from user insight.


Innovation is a fact of life for anyone working in digital media. Cogapp has managed to stay in the vanguard of technology for thirty years; an achievement we strive to maintain by innovating in all aspects of our work; in design, technology and methods of working. For evidence of this commitment see our portfolio and our blog.

Long-term engagement

Working for long-term value, we are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining and improving digital products over time. So we provide management, maintenance and operations services indefinitely after a project launch. Several of our client relationships go back over a decade.

Technology choices

In terms of technology choices, what our clients need is what matters to us. Every organisation starts with a different IT environment and different preferences. So our technology recommendations reflect those different needs. We have in-depth experience across a wide range of digital media technologies including Linux and .NET/Windows platforms, open-source and commercial products. In terms of specific products, we are currently working happily with Sitecore, Drupal, ModX, Plone, Solr, Seadragon, Tessitura, TMS, Django, Python, C#, Objective-C and many more.

Accolades and awards

Our work has won numerous awards. We were recently selected as one of the top 10 interactive design agencies by Design Week and listed as 'Ones to Watch' by New Media Age. To see a full list full list of our awards and accolades, please see our awards page.

Next steps

To find out more about us, including our design and technical capabilities and our capacity for innovation, please see our portfolio and our blog. To stay in touch please sign up for our e-mail newsletter.

User experience

Our rigorous and practical approach to user research puts your audience at the heart of what we do. We combine user testing, ethnographic research, information architecture and interaction design techniques, all informed by practical experience delivering working systems.

The result is a process that ensures you get measurably better results. We have an observation studio in our office and a mobile studio for doing work on client sites. We also have regular arrangements with commercial testing labs in London and New York. Our recent research and thinking on user experience can be seen on our blog.


Our design ethos is simple: to embrace creative ideas that connect you to your audience. We do this by integrating creativity with innovative technology, helping you to articulate the values and spirit of your organisation. Our designers are multi-disciplined and widely experienced. They work on projects ranging from consultancy and identity through to websites and interactive installations. Please see our portfolio for some samples of their work.


We take an agnostic but passionate approach to technology. Our experience with many different languages, applications and platforms is combined with a never-ending search for new tools. This search is driven by our need to create ever more effective solutions for our clients and more compelling experiences for their users. We understand that the constraints that are most important are often not technical but social, and we are adept at choosing and combining technologies to meet our clients' needs.


Cogapp's projects are managed within the framework of our creative methodology. This has been honed over many years of practice on large-scale projects. It is agile, engaging, user-centric and easy to understand. It is supported by a rich set of tools and common practices.  Our well trained project managers work with clients, using this methodology, to find innovative approaches that make the best use of all available assets and resources. Our mission is to deliver results that meet all the constraints of time, budget and process, that are a joy to look at, a pleasure to use and a great source of long-term value.