Accessibility statement

Cogapp strives to conform with level AA of the W3C's "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0". 

Access keys

Access keys for this website are as follows:

S - Skip navigation
1 - Home page
3 - Sitemap
0 - Access key details

Access keys are keyboard short cuts to main sections of the website.

They are supported by most browsers and are activated by holding ALT (for Windows) or CTRL + ALT (for the Macintosh) and pressing the corresponding access key.

Access keys used on this site are in line with government standards.


We have tried to ensure that there is sufficient contrast between foreground and background colours. We do not convey information solely through the use of colour.

We have also tried to ensure all images are of sufficient size to support our visually impaired users. All images that are not used for presentational purposes have descriptive alternative text.


Users are able to increase or decrease the size of the text used on this website through their browser's inbuilt features (usually from the 'view' drop down menu).

The content has been checked to make sure it is clear, concise and easily readable.


Scripting languages (most commonly JavaScript) have only been used to enhance user experience. Browsers that do not have JavaScript switched on will simply be passed the HTML equivalent, and no important content should be lost.


A sitemap is available to show hierarchical information about the layout of this website.


The site has been designed to fit the width of a 1024 x 768 pixel browser window. The site is also responsive for mobile and tablet devices. Style sheets have been used for the purposes of layout. When style sheets are switched off the content is displayed in a linear fashion.


Where data tables have been used, all table cells have been marked up with the 'scope' attribute.


Where forms have been used, all form controls have been associated with their respective labels.

Contact us

We continually strive to improve the accessibility of our site. If you experience any difficulties or have any suggestions for improvement, please contact us.