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How to Rock (& Roll) your Agile website development


Rock & Roll may appear to be the antithesis of formalised process, but in this post Senior Developer Ben Kyriakou explains the process we used to deliver a great new site for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, how we adapted our working methods along the way and what we learnt. 

Projects in the digital industry are always fluid. Requirements change, new obstacles arise, servers crash—and all this before lunch.

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The one-template museum websites

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What do you dream about for your museum website?

Storytelling? Flexible templates? Landing pages that also deliver information? Content that’s reusable across your site?

I’m seeing people dream about this kind of functionality on Twitter and Medium, so I thought I’d let you all know it exists and you can have it, like, yesterday.

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Museums are experience factories

Museums Are Experience Factories

Your museum or gallery probably has an online collection, and if it does your online collection could almost definitely be better.

It could serve your visitors (IRL and online) better, and it could work harder towards delivering your organisations mission.

This post tells you how to design and develop the best online collection in the world….EVER!

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Art UK and innovation strategy: an unexpected case study

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As part of Cogapp's community support work I act as a trustee on the board of the independent charity Art UK. Previously known as the Public Catalogue Foundation, Art UK, has just launched a website that provides online access to the whole of the UK's publicly owned collection of oil paintings. 

You can see the new site here:

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UK Museums on the Web 2015

Recently I attended UK Museums on the Web, the annual conference organised by UK Museums Computer Group. Held this year at the British Museum, the conference theme was 'Bridging Gaps, Making Connections'. This theme reflects a progression in the way that Museums utilise digital content.

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#MCN2015 - Museum Computer Network conference 2015, Minneapolis

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We're just back from MCN2015 having delivered three talks, one workshop and learnt a lot from fellow delegates.

We've put together a Storify which summarises our contributions to the conference, and your reactions to them. Our talks were:

  • IIIF: the International Interoperability Framework
  • Making Meaning with Online Collections: ten top tips
  • Making Meaning in a Multilingual World
  • Transform your museum with Agile
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Working with Transliterations on the Web

Whilst developing a new site for a client with a Yiddish collection, I learnt some interesting things about the limits of modern fonts when dealing with transliterations and rarely-used characters.

The collection featured both Yiddish and transliterated strings of text in their metadata, and our task was to bring all these into the website and display them correctly and uniformly.

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Accessibility testing tools

What tools can you use to test for accessibility? And should you automate your accessibility testing? Front End Developer Matt Hollings gives an overview of some of the automated tools that he's used when creating accessible digital products.

Following up on my recent blog post which gave an overview of the principles of web accessibility this post will explore the tools that we can use to test for accessibility.

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