Cogapp Tech weekly roundup

Each week we round up what’s been happening in the tech world and share a few of the things we like.

This week features the launch of the iPad 3, LED snowsuits, Raspberry Pi mania, Nerdy Day Trips, Young Rewired State and a short animated history of Nikola Tesla.

Tech News

iPad 3 release announced for Friday 16th March


In typical Apple fashion, a release date for the next version of the iPad has been sprung on us just 9 days before it’s scheduled to hit Apple stores around the country. Details of the iPad 3 were announced on Wednesday at the Apple keynote event in San Francisco, where they also announced the Friday 16th March release date.

The newest model will feature a 2048 x 1536 display, improved graphics and 4G network capabilities. The 16Gb wi-fi only model is set to retail at £399, while the 64Gb 4G-enabled model is a costly £659.

The iPad 2 will remain on sale at a reduced price of £329, making it a more affordable option for schools.

Young Rewired State - a hack week for the next generation of coders

Young Rewired State is returning in 2012 bigger and better than ever. The hack week for young developers (participants are all aged 18 or under) has been expanded to include an extra day of networking and presenting, with the week ending in a mass camping trip in the grounds of the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.

YRS is a nationwide event with centres all over the country hosting groups of young programmers who spend the week developing apps, websites or other digital tools using open data. Mentors are on hand to help them along, but the teams have the freedom to choose their own projects and develop their coding skills by building (and breaking) their own digital prototypes.

Cogapp are hosting the Brighton Young Rewired State centre this year with our good friends and fellow digital agency NixonMcinnes.

The event runs from 6th to 11th August 2012. If you’re a designer or developer and would like to help out as a mentor, drop us an email at If you know any young coders who would be interested in taking part, please ask them to sign up at

The rollercoaster release of Raspberry Pi

After a period of almost unbearable suspense for the developer and maker community, the first batch of Raspberry Pi micro-computers finally went on sale on 29th February.

The two British companies currently distributing the device – Premier Farnell and RS Components - sold out within minutes of the first batch going on sale. The Raspberry Pi has been receiving a lot of attention in the press recently due to its insanely low price point (only $35 for the Model B device released in the first batch), and at peak times Farnell reported receiving 700 enquiries a second in Europe alone. Meanwhile, buyers visiting the RS Components site were directed to an online form where they could express interest in the device – it seems that interested parties have been entered into a queue to receive the device as soon as further units are manufactured.

A manufacturing hiccup could also delay the production of later batches, but those who did manage to get an order in for one of the first batch of Raspis are still due to receive their devices in March or April.

We pretty much expected that there would be a massive demand for these computers as soon as they came out, and it’s brilliant to see so much interest in what has been widely hailed as “the next Arduino. The Raspi operating system has already been downloaded over 30,000 times so it looks like there’s going to be a healthy online community to support the device once it passes into mass distribution.

Things We Like

An animated history of Nikola Tesla

We all love Nikola Tesla, and following on from the Black Sabbath with tesla coils video in our last Things We Like, here’s a short animated history of our favourite electromagnetist.

Nerdy Day Trips

Fun for nerds of all ages. Day trips in Brighton include the Booth Museum of Natural History and the famous "Sewer Tours".

The new thing we all want to try: snowboarding at night in an LED-covered snowsuit.