A week at Cogapp

Welcome to the first in an occasional series of what's been happening at Cogapp Towers. 

Welcome to Cogapp


We are working with Liberty on their new website, which is really exciting and a project we are all very proud to be part of. 

Liberty sign held up by four people

Ben Smith and I went up earlier this week to do a round of stakeholder interviews and we have some more to do next week. The passion that the Liberty staff we met have for their work is incredible. Truly inspirational. 

Top secret projects

Had a great workshop this week, but we can't really talk about it. I've probably already said too much. Somebody stop me. Forget you read this. 

In related news, the <name of another top secret project> team are all working busily in our upstairs dedicated project space. It's going to be great when it's done. We'll share it with you when it's ready!

Twitter Club

Eleanor ran Cogapp Twitter this week.

Cogapp Twitter account

My favourite tweet was the tour of her desk created with Vine. Check it out

Virginia Historical Society

The new site for Virginia Historical Society went live.

Easily the best homepage you'll see this week, plus a treasure trove of audio, essays, video and images for history lovers everywhere. 

We've had some great feedback so far. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment on this page.

Here's a photo of some of us in Virginia with our clients Jennifer and Greg

Open Studios

We always take part in the Brighton Digital Festival's Open Studios and this year is no exception.

It's the first ever Project People Meet Up - a chance for producers, project managers and similar people to get together, swap tips and share challenges. Find out more end get tickets here

Work at Cogapp

While we're talking about producers, we're looking for some. Interviews started this week but the closing date is THIS MONDAY 26TH AUGUST so get your skates on.

Find out more from the guest blog post I did for Wired Sussex - a week in the life of a senior producer at Cogapp

Next week

Loads more exciting stuff, including trips to London; visitors from the Middle East; cake; and Curry Friday. 

Keep watching Twitter and the blog for updates.