Video highlights from MuseumNext Geneva 2015

MuseumNext is an international conference series that challenges the museum sector to discuss 'What’s next?'

Cogapp sponsored MuseumNext Geneva, as well as leading a workshop, Agile for Beginners and Thrillseekers. We had a brilliant time with lots of innovative people working in Museums, so we decided to ask our fellow attendees about their highlights of the conference.

Here's what they said:

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Quality control: how good is good enough?

With quality a key consideration in delivering digital projects, how can you make sure that you always achieve it? 

In this blog post, Senior Producer Joshua Routh talks about the importance of ensuring that quality is built in to the project from the start, and shares his checklist for gathering great digital requirements. 

Abstract image of post-it notes on a wall

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MuseumNext: Agile for Beginners and Thrillseekers workshop


We just ran a really enjoyable session at MuseumNext 2015 in Geneva; thanks to everyone who came, and apologies to those who didn't get a place. This post explains what we did, what we learnt, and how much fun we had!

We are running Agile Lunch Club on Monday 20th from 12.30 (immediately after the session) in the Mailchimp Auditorium where you can ask us anything about Agile in cultural institutions.  Or talk to us any time - in person at the conference or via twitter (details at the end of this post).

The workshop team: Gavin, Andy and Josh

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Ten (+1) takeaways from Museums and the Web Conference 2015

Chris How, Phil Davidson and I have just spent three days in Chicago at the Museums and the Web conference. The tornado came, the sun shone. We met up with old Cogapp friends and made plenty of new ones.

LR CH PD MW15.jpg
Phil, Louise and Chris, by @_Lowedown

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When is Agile the right choice?

Have you been learning about Agile and wondering if it's the right choice for your next project? In this post, Cogapp's Head of Technical Production Andy Cummins talks you through the questions to ask before you start working in an Agile way and shares his tips on how to choose whether Agile is right for you.

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Some of our favourite Agile resources from around the web

Here at Cogapp we’re finding Agile a useful tool; within the last year alone we have launched four high-profile Agile projects. From the rich archives of the Qatar Digital Library to connecting generations with the National Baseball Hall of Fame, Agile has helped us deliver world-class digital experiences.

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Is this the most powerful Agile burndown chart you'll ever see? Open Sourced by Cogapp

Cogapp has developed its own Agile Burndown Chart, which is now Open Sourced and available for you to use. We developed the chart to provide our teams with detailed information on a daily basis through each sprint. In this post, Cogapp’s Head of Production Gavin Mallory explains why we developed our own version and explains how you can download and start using it.

This blog post is intended for people who are familiar with running an Agile project and comfortable using Excel, Google Docs spreadsheets or similar.  For further information about Agile, visit


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What is Agile?

Have you been wondering what Agile is and what difference it can make to your projects?

In this post, Andy Cummins, Head of Technical Production, talks you through the basics of Agile and promises not to use any jargon. Read on to see if he keeps to his word!


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The hypothetical brief: creative thinking and digital marketing strategy with D&AD

Grant Cieciura from the Cogapp design department headed to D&AD for a professional development course 'A Day in the Life of your Digital Strategy'. If you’re curious about digital marketing and better ways to be creative at work, read on for Grant’s takeaways from the course. 

D&AD blog 2.png

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What is it like learning to code? Perspectives from Codebar Brighton

Kay White, Cogapp’s Technical Support Specialist, invites you to take a look at coding from the perspective of an enthusiastic newbie. She takes part in Codebar Brighton, where self-taught and graduate developers give up their time to teach groups of people who are under-represented in the tech industry and give them a pathway to a new career in the digital industry.

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