Museum Ideas 2014: a round up

This week Alex Morrison, Joe Baskerville and Louise Rawlinson attended the Museum Ideas conference. Here is Louise's account of the day.


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Indoor positioning

Indoor positioning technology - when it really works - will revolutionise environments such as retail and museums.  Cogapp Graduate Developer Adrian Hindle had a rare opportunity to work with indoor positioning in depth within a research environment. In this piece he shares the opportunities and difficulties with indoor positioning that he encountered when developing and testing with a team in Geneva.

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Bluetooth Low Energy Devices Part 3: iBeacons everywhere

BTLE device in floorbox

In which I create a simple internal analytics system out of inexpensive bits and pieces...

You can read the first two parts of this series here:

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Systems administration and spaceships: the FLOSS UK conference

Last Friday was SysAdmin Day, which reminded me about the FLOSS UK conference for systems and network administrators that I attended back in March. Here's a selection of my highlights.
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Linting tools: Javascript, Python, JSHint and PEP8

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of our coding output, the tech department at Cogapp have recently introduced linting tools into our toolchain.

What is linting?

Linting is a process whereby a computer is used to run over code, and pick up any suspicious activity that are likely to be bugs. It's a handy safety net for catching at a very early stage any potential coding errors. It's also invaluable in ensuring the cleanliness of our code, and consistency of formatting between developers

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Winning the World Cup, modern parenting and digital development are all the same thing. And here's why...

I am a World Cup winning father of two who makes amazing digital things for really cool clients because Winning the World Cup, modern parenting and digital development are all the same thing.

I enjoyed watching the World Cup final last night, even though I had to stay up a bit later than I might have liked meaning I was tired when the baby woke me up at 5.30 on a workday.

Germany players cheering after winning 2014 World Cup finale in Marcana Stadium, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Photo credit: himanisdas on flickr

Watching Germany against Argentina got me thinking about the many parallels between all the things I love in life: football, my family, and working at Cogapp (not necessarily in that order!). Here's how it goes:

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Here 2014

Last week Sita and I headed up to The Royal Geographic Society in Kensington on a lovely sunny day for Here 2014, the annual conference put on by It's Nice That. Before the event kicked off we were already finding our surroundings really inspiring, and then we were treated to some brilliant talks. Here's a run down of a few of our favourites.

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MuseumNext 2014 - Masterclass: Opportunities for digital excellence with a little help from Michelangelo

Chris and I gave a Masterclass workshop today at MuseumNext 2014 in Newcastle. Thanks to everyone who came along. We hope you enjoyed it and got some value from the takeaways.

Enjoy a Storify of the workshop, our slides on Slideshare and some of the best brief confessionals below:

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Prototyping for Mobile Development: Options, Tools and Techniques

 This is post for a talk I gave at Museum Next 2014 in Newcastle. 

Design Learning

At Museum Next, Dana Mitroff Silvers gave a great talk about the Design Thinking process that she implements. The process involves using multi-disciplinary teams to gather insight into user requirements, ideate, prototype and test, in a cycle that leads to improved solutions.

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I’m In Love With My Computer

Technological advancements in artificial intelligence, and how they can affect you on a personal level.

My mother was crestfallen when Siri on her iPhone had been updated, declaring that she missed him and his voice. It was the same system, but a different sound; no longer being able to hear that voice evoked a feeling of loss.

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