Drupal 8 is coming: what does it mean if you're using Drupal 6 or 7, or if you're planning a new CMS?

The latest version of the Drupal content management system, Drupal 8, reached Release Candidate last night. In this blog post, Senior Web Developer Alex Bridge shares Cogapp's experiences working with Drupal 8 so far. What does the release mean if you're planning to develop a new Drupal website? What should you do it you have a site that's using Drupal 6 or 7? And what do developers need to know?

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What is SEO, and why does it matter?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an essential part of helping people discover all the content your website has to offer, and it's something that everyone from web developers to content editors can influence. 

In this blog post, Producer Arlie Adlington explains why SEO matters and gives an overview of the main considerations behind SEO best practice.


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Highlights from day two of Reasons to be Creative

Front End Developer Matt Hollings was at Reasons to be Creative - a Brighton-based web design conference from 7-9 September 2015. In this post he shares what he learned on the second day of the event. This includes new Microsoft products - including one which uses machine learning in conjunction with population health data to predict the date of an individual's death; and, somewhat more cheerfully, a look at the future of 3D on the Web.

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How web accessibility benefits all users: some basic principles for websites and webapps

Following his lightning talk for Brighton Digital Festival's Open Studios, Front End Developer Matt Hollings explains how we should think about web accessibility as beneficial to everybody, outlines the

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IIIF support for the Qatar Digital Library

Developer Adrian Hindle and Head of Web Development Tristan Roddis describe how we're using The International Image Interoperability Framework and explain its benefits for cultural heritage websites - such as the Qatar Digital Library.   

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Avoiding a $10,000 AWS trap

If you’re a back end developer, DevOps or infrastructure person, or you’re interested in AWS Amazon Web Services, check out this blog post from our Developer Adrian Hindle.

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Why we choose BEM to help us make our code flexible, reusable and easy to modify

In Front End Developer Jon White's lightning talk for Brighton Digital Festival's Open Studios, he explained BEM and why we use it at Cogapp. If you're interested in approaches to building front end interfaces in an Agile environment, read on for a summary of his talk and some useful links.

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Six must-dos when creating online lesson resources: What teachers taught us about designing digital content

We recently invited teachers to show us how they planned their lessons and to tell us how to create digital educational resources that best help them in their work. At Cogapp we provide digital services to well-known museum and third-sector clients, many of whom provide educational content on their websites. 

Our research uncovered six things that digital designers should consider when creating online lesson resources:


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A shortlist of nine recommended online UX resources

Cogapp's Head of User Experience, Chris How, shares his recommended resources about user experience and user-centred design. Whether you are new to user experience, or looking to brush up your knowledge, you should find something of interest. All the resources that Chris recommends are free to use.

Abstract image: user interface sketches

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Video highlights from MuseumNext Geneva 2015

MuseumNext is an international conference series that challenges the museum sector to discuss 'What’s next?'

Cogapp sponsored MuseumNext Geneva, as well as leading a workshop, Agile for Beginners and Thrillseekers. We had a brilliant time with lots of innovative people working in Museums, so we decided to ask our fellow attendees about their highlights of the conference.

Here's what they said:

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