How we use cookies

How we use cookies

Like most web sites, uses cookies.

A cookie is a small file that we put on your computer to help us provide you with a good online experience. It's the standard way of distinguishing you from other users of the site, and learning how we can make improvements.

There are two types of cookie in place on

Cookies that help us understand how our site is used:

We use Google Analytics to measure what people do on our site. This is the most common analytics tool on the Internet, and we use it to look at things like which pages are most popular, and which browsers people use. It's a really useful service for us, because we want to keep on learning about what makes good user experience. You can find out more on Google's cookie information page.

We also use a 'session identification' cookie, which is the standard means to distinguish you from other users used by Drupal – our content management system.

Cookies that remember your preferences:

There are a number of instances where it's useful to record what you've done previously on the site, so we don't have to ask you the same question again:

  • Commenting: You can leave comments on our blog. If you've done that once and then come back to enter a new comment, it will remember which name you've used.
  • Social Media: The popular and widgets allow users to quickly share pages through social media. The cookie here records if you've shared info on this site before, so the widget can suggest which account you'd like to post to.
  • Forms: is a third party online survey tool. We only want each user to fill it in once, so the cookie records if that has already happened.
  • JavaScript detection: Some pages appear differently if you don't have JavaScript turned on. This cookie records if you have it on or not, so it knows which form of the page to show.

If you've got any general questions about the way we use cookies, don't hesitate to contact us at