Cogapp celebrates launch of the new Metropolitan Museum of Art website

Cogapp celebrates launch of the new Metropolitan Museum of Art website
September 2011

It’s Cogapp's largest, most complex project and possibly the largest digital media project yet undertaken by a museum. 
So it is with great pride that we celebrate the launch of the new Metropolitan Museum of Art website (, which provides unprecedented access to collections, programs, research, and visitor information.

The Metropolitan Museum commissioned Cogapp in 2009, following an international selection process. Our brief: to help the museum redevelop a website that dated back nearly a decade. In a two-and-a-half-year project, we worked with the museum to re-envision and then relaunch its online presence.
The redesign had to connect the site with corporate objectives and make sure that it met the needs of multiple target audiences. The work entailed dozens of stakeholder interviews and hundreds of user-testing sessions. A technically complex redevelopment required delivery of a new content management system, interfaces to eight related systems, and implementation of all the design work.

Visitors now have comprehensive access to information about more than 340,000 works of art in the museum’s encyclopaedic collections; extensive information and multimedia features on exhibitions, programs, and 400 galleries; a new system for viewing a vast array of images, resources, and other material now online; an interactive floorplan and suggested itineraries to enhance visits to the museum. Users with mobile devices are automatically directed to a version designed for museum visitors.  

Alex Morrison, Cogapp’s managing director, said “Congratulations to everyone who has worked on the project here at Cogapp and at the museum, especially our colleagues in the Digital Media Department and Information Systems and Technology.
"We are truly proud of what we have achieved together and delighted with the way that it supports the director Thomas Campbell’s mission of scholarship and accessibility. Initial response to the redesign has been overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer has described it as ‘a paragon of articulated clarity’.  We’ll settle for that.”

You can read more about the new site here:

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