Interactives unveiled at Magnificent Maps Exhibition
May 2010

In January of this year, we won a highly competitive tender to deliver a range of interactive kiosks and a website for the British Library’s new exhibition: Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art. We are pleased to announce that the Magnificent Maps exhibition has now opened its doors to the public in the PACCAR Gallery at the British Library.

The exhibition showcases the British Library’s impressive collection of large-scale maps dating from the 1400’s to the present day, many of which have never been exhibited in the UK before. Magnificent Maps aims to reveal how maps can be much more than just geographical resources; they can reflect the age in which they were created and can take the form of propaganda and art. 

Cogapp developed hands-on interactive displays for selected maps that allow visitors to really bring the maps to life. The British Library wanted their visitors to embark on a journey where deeper layers of meaning and interpretation can be revealed within the maps. Cogapp responded to this by developing oversized magnifying glasses that use Deep Zoom technology to enlarge areas of the map into greater detail. This allows the visitor to really engage with the maps and see the intricacy and beauty of areas they otherwise may not have seen. The magnifying glasses also provide access to ‘hotspots’ which tell the story beneath the surface of the maps and transform them from a 2-D to a 3-D experience. A similar experience can also be found online on the Magnificent Maps website we produced.

Ryan Doherty, multimedia production manager at British Library said: “Cogapp has created a magnificent interactive display as part of our Magnificent Maps exhibition. They won the competitive pitch earlier this year based on their response to our need for visitors to embark on a journey where deeper layers of meaning and interpretation can be revealed within the maps. The interactives add a new level to the hands-on experience for all of our visitors.”

Alex Morrison from Cogapp adds: “The team has thoroughly enjoyed bringing their creative ideas to life for the interactive displays within the Magnificent Maps Exhibition at the British Library. The displays give everyone the chance to dig deeper, find out more and have some fun with these extraordinary objects.”

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