Taking bar-codes to BarCamp

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Taking bar-codes to BarCamp
September 2007

Tristan Roddis, Cogapp’s Head of Web Development, gave a presentation on QR Codes and the way they bridge physical and virtual worlds at Brighton’s first BarCamp this week. The goal of BarCampBrighton was to bring together tech professionals in Brighton and people in town for dConstruct to learn, co-work and share knowledge within a participatory workshop.

Tristan’s talk focussed on how QR codes, a type of barcode that can store text information and that may be photographed and read by enabled mobile phones and might be used for conveying data on printed material, such as business cards, to digital.

He went on to discuss how there might be a range of interesting applications in linking QR technology with the web. Firstly, by linking physical locations to virtual ones (for example, to provide further information about a place or an object), and secondly by allowing people to build up a profile by using these (e.g. saving a list of favourite pictures in a gallery, for later viewing online).

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