Walterian London iPad app now available in the App Store

Walterian London iPad app now available in the App Store
December 2012

Walterian London

With labels such as “The Penal Dustbin”, “William Blake woz married ere”, “The myth of Merlin’s cave” and “Dead bodies found here!” our latest project to launch - the Walterian London app, featuring Stephen Walter’s hand-drawn maps of London - offers a genuinely different view of the UK’s capital.

Having first met Stephen in 2010 on the Magnificent Maps project with the British Library, we wanted to find a way to offer iPad users the same ability to explore his artworks in detail, beyond what is possible even when stood in front of them.

The result is a simple and beautiful interface that allows users to explore Stephen Walter’s intricate drawings of London in an up close and personal way. The hand-drawn tangle of words and symbols and maps that represent London present and past draw in the user, and the journey of discovery around the boroughs become quite addictive.

The app presents the two maps in extremely high-resolution pinch zoomable format and was created using the Cogapp in-house publication platform, iCAV. This allowed us to rapidly bring all the detail of Stephen’s work to life in the knowledge that the app was built on sound technical foundations that have been tested time and time again.

The Island (2008) is one of Stephen’s most well known works and in his own words he describes how it evolved:

"London is one of the great living palimpsests of our time. Its layers of history and its constant energy to re-invent itself fuels this vast grey magnet. I was spurred on by the great Map Makers of London's past - John Roque, Greenwood and Phyllis Pearsall (the originator of the A-Z)." 

"The resulting map, a spoof of the historical ones of old, would challenge the first impressions of its viewer; touching on the Capital’s vastness, its’ secrets and its undercurrents. With this process in mind, I began to edit the information, keeping what I felt were historically important, interesting, relevant and amusing. These fantastical additions and epithets are purposefully innocent and acidic, trivial and serious. The Map is as much about the personality of its viewer than it is about of my own. In other words it acts as a mirror."

Subterranea (2012) is a companion piece to The Island, exploring the same themes and ideas, but its focus is what lies beneath the ground. This piece was commissioned by London Transport, as part of the Mind The Map exhibition. 

Stephen Walter is represented by TAG Fine Arts.

The Island and Subterranea are Published by TAG Fine Arts and are available as limited edition prints.

Stephen's work appears in many important collections including the Courtauld Institute and the V&A Museum and is in the permanent collections of the Government Arts Collection. 

TAG Fine Arts will be hosting a solo exhibition of Stephen Walter’s artwork, opening in London, July 2013. Hosted at the Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch, the exhibition will showcase Walter’s drawings, photographs and prints from the last four years (including his iconic London maps), as well as incorporating an interactive digital display of ‘London Subterranea’ in collaboration with Cogapp.

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