Microsite and Website redesign

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About the project

In February 2014, Liberty celebrated 80 years of promoting human rights and campaigning to protect civil liberties. To mark this event they commissioned Cogapp to deliver a new microsite, Liberty80 - plus a refreshed version of their main website.

Both projects were intended to celebrate and invigorate the Liberty brand, invite new followers and explain to users how they could support Liberty. 


Liberty required both platforms to clearly communicate what the organisation was about - including what they had achieved over the past 80 years - and how new and existing supporters could sign up and join in their campaigns. 

The Liberty80 microsite also needed to showcase an online collection of 80 pieces of writing. These works were the product of a literary competition run by Liberty in celebration of their anniversary; Liberty viewed them as an important gift to their followers.   

Liberty's wealth of interesting content needed to be displayed on their main website and organised in the right way so that it was easy for users to access. The refreshed design needed to be impactful, inviting and in keeping with the original brand. 


The design of the Liberty80 site takes users on a journey through the history of the achievements of the organisation and celebrates their seminal work over the past eight decades.  

The clear navigation and simple design guides the users to interesting stories and information about Liberty events. It was important to Liberty that the site raises awareness, effectively communicates its work and invites new followers to sign up. 

The Liberty80 online collection showcases the unique compilation of poems, essays and stories contain contributions from renowned authors such as Mallorie Blackman, Ben Okri and Cory Doctorow. 

With the online collection as a main feature of the site, we placed a clear link to the section on the homepage. All the works can be easily accessed and users can filter by genre and type of writing. 

We embedded campaigning tools into the site with the help of Engaging Networks, which ensures users can easily sign up and make a donation.   


The Liberty80 site and the refreshed main site highlight some of the fantastic work Liberty have done over the years and establishes strong digital platforms to encourage new membership sign-ups and promote their future projects.

The refreshed design of the main website invigorates the brand and celebrates the work of the organisation. Through a simple and inviting design combined with a good use of carefully selected images, the new site sets out a clear call to action; to join in and support the organisation in order to make a difference. 

An effective user-centred design makes it easy to navigate around the site and learn about Liberty. The revised campaigns section is clearer and features blog articles from Liberty members. The new membership page sets out compelling reasons to become a member and how a user can go about doing it.  



"We’re very excited about our new digital platforms and it’s been a pleasure working with Cogapp. We were after a site to help our supporters campaign effectively online and encourage them to become Liberty members. I’m sure we’ll have success on both fronts!"

Ian McDonald, Digital Campaigns Coordinator at Liberty

Key services

  • Graphic Design
  • Usability Testing
  • User Experience
  • Web Development