Photo of Alex Morrison

Alex Morrison

Managing Director

Over twenty five years, Alex has led ground-breaking digital media work for prominent institutions including Apple, Microsoft, nine national museums, the BBC, the Home Office and Ten Downing Street. Recent projects include the Eyewitness iPad travel apps for Dorling Kindersley and the website for one of the largest museums in the western hemisphere, The Metropolitan Museum in New York.

After graduating from university, Alex got a job in computing.  His first program, an online game for an IBM mainframe system, was written on a deck of punched cards. In the mid-1980s, after a spell as a management consultant with Arthur Andersen, he became involved in knowledge engineering - the study of human expertise and the construction of correspondingly 'expert' computer systems. This led in 1985 to a move to Brighton to found a company associated with the University of Sussex's Cognitive Studies programme, Cognitive Applications.

Two years later Alex and his colleagues at the new company started developing projects using hypertext and multimedia. They quickly became involved in applications for the cultural sector including the development of the 'Computer Information Room' for the National Gallery's Sainsbury Wing. An intense and formative three-year project, which often resembled an extended seminar on museums, new media and art history, gave birth to the Micro Gallery. Opened in 1991, this was the first large-scale application of digital media in a museum.

Since 1991, Alex and his colleagues have been applying digital media technologies for clients from Seattle to Tokyo via London, Athens and Doha. 

Alex is Chairman of Wired Sussex, a trustee of the Public Catalogue Foundation and a member of the PACT Interactive Media Group. He has a degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University.