Journey On

Doodle My Journey GPS/mapping digital marketing tool

The aim was to provide a review of the site followed by a high profile launch that would capture the site’s nature and engage with residents of the city. ‘Doodle my journey’ was the inspiring and creative solution. Involving schools, residents and an online community, the launch reached a diverse audience and generated positive media coverage.
— Katherine Travis, Campaign Manager at Brighton & Hove City Council

About the project

Brighton and Hove Council has made a corporate priority to protect the environment whilst growing the economy. As part of this, they operate a travel information website called JourneyOn, featuring a unique web journey planner promoting greener and more sustainable living.  They wished to publicise it and the benefits it offers Brighton residents and visitors following on from a site refresh.

In response, we organised an event called 'Doodle my Journey' based around an innovative and engaging GPS/mapping tool.

Participants cycled and walked journeys across the city which were then dynamically doodled onto a Google map, using a combination of mobile phone/GPS devices, to spell out the project’s name.

Our team created an identity for the event, for use across all promotional material, developing e-cards, e-newsletters and other tools to support viral campaigns.

The event proved hugely successful, capturing the community’s imagination -  from schoolkids to local businesses -  to promote sustainable travel.