Kay Calleja


Kay has worked with the British Red Cross, MoMA and National Portrait Gallery as a developer on both front-end and back-end projects. She organises Codebar Brighton at Cogapp and attends the workshops on a regular basis around Brighton. Outside of the studio she likes to code personal ‘for fun’ projects.

Having also worked as testing lead on several projects, Kay understands the level of quality and responsiveness required in the apps and websites that leave our studio. She has tested for the National Portrait Gallery, the British Museum and Qatar National Library. Using her excellent eye for detail she ensures that the functionality, usability and accessibility across desktop and mobile browsers for websites, apps and web apps are to specifications.

Kay works with everyone in the studio to make sure that they have the right technical resources to work efficiently. Being responsible for system administration tasks, she ensures that our internal infrastructure is maintained, enabling us to deliver project work to deadline.

Before joining Cogapp, Kay worked at Worthing-based music studio Ivy Arch Studios where she built and maintained the website and taught budding rock stars how to play in a band, organising and running a rock school for under-18s.