MoVE: a radical alternative to conventional audio guides

MoVE is more than a mobile museum tour


About the project

MoVE is more than a mobile museum tour...

 ... it's a radical alternative to conventional audio guides and mobile tour systems.

MoVE's responsive interface and rich media content enhance your visitors' experience while saving you time and money.

MoVE operates on a 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) basis. Visitors access MoVE using their own smartphones or tablets; rental units can be easily provided using low-cost models if desired. There are no apps to install or URLs to type in.  MoVE is integrated with your public wi-fi network and appears immediately when visitors open their browsers.

Objects and exhibits are easily discovered through tappable maps, curated themes and simple search. Texts, audio descriptions and videos provide a rich and informative visitor experience. All content is easily managed, edited and extended using a familiar content management system. Visitors can save their favourites and share with friends. MoVE isaccessible outside the museum as well as in it, so visitors can use it before and after their visit ensuring that your content gets maximum usage.

MoVE has a beautifully responsive interface, extensively refined and user-tested. It can be easily integrated with your existing website infrastructure and your Collections Management System for text, images and tagging.

MoVE in operation

To see MoVE in operation, point your browser (or better still your smartphone) to Go Mobile at the Baltimore Museum of Art. 

Why MoVE?

MoVE has many advantages and features compared with alternative museum mobile tour systems including:

  • Gorgeous interactive rich media visitor experience
  • Simple-to-use Drupal 7 content management system for ease of maintenance and update
  • Full integration with your website, your collections management system and your social media presence
  • Reduced administration - no need to rent out handsets
  • Reduced maintenance - no native 'apps' to update
  • Easy for visitors to access - wi-fi configuration eliminates the need for QR codes and urls
  • Clean installation - no need to display 'stop numbers' in your galleries (but MoVE can use them if you have and want to keep them)
  • Compatibility with leading mobile devices and operating systems
  • Future-proof standards-based technology
  • Fully customisable for your organisation
  • Greatly reduced total cost of ownership
  • Service and support backed by a supplier with more than 20 years of experience working with museums

Find out more

To find out what MoVE can do for your museum contact Alex Morrison on:-

+44 (0)1273 821600