Synchronise effects across tens of thousands of mobile devices.

Neoscope transforms live events by harnessing the energy of your audience to create an unparalleled spectacle of colour, graphics, light and sound using their mobile phones.

Our patent-pending system allows an artist or events team to directly engage their audience in a way that has not been possible until now. 

Have a look at the possibilities in the demo video below.

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One transmitter, one app, tens of thousands of people engaged


Using a single, state-of-the-art transmitter and an app on each audience member's phone, Neoscope enables the choreographing and customisation of effects across your entire audience.

Our DMX-controllable transmitter seamlessly integrates into existing stage-show infrastructure. Alternative input options for the Neoscope transmitter include MIDI controllers and, depending on the environment, an iPad loaded with our Neoscope commander application. The possibilities are endless and we can work with your team to realise your creative ideas.


Creative opportunities

Using Neoscope gives you and your audience the power the create large-scale synchronised effects in a live environment. The building blocks are simple but the possibilities endless.

Using colour, graphics, animations, audio and the camera flash light it is possible to create sweeping effects that engage an entire audience (be it a single visitor's personal experience of your art installation or 100,000 people at your festival gig).

Effects can be layered by targeting different sections of your audience. This segmentation can be randomly assigned to create effects across a proportion of the audience or it can be applied more specifically, for example, to create teams or have effects associated with areas of a venue.


Commercial opportunities

Push notifications are the next generation of personalised messaging. By adding Neoscope to your app you also add the ability to use push notifications to have personal conversations with your audience.

These notifications can be segmented according to demographic information as well as information logged by Neoscope itself.

This line of communication can be used for logistical purposes e.g. event information, travel updates. However, it can also be leveraged for commercial reasons. It opens up a world of opportunities for sponsors and advertisers to deliver tailored offers and promotions directly to the pocket of your audience.


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