Pat Hadley


Pat does a range of web development work for Cogapp and has been involved in projects for the Qatar Digital Library, the Yiddish Book Center, YIVO Archives and the National Portrait Gallery

His tasks have ranged from creative planning and feature specifications to processing datasets with Python, PHP and XSLT/XML. He also works in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

Pat also brings expertise in digital strategy, audience research and public engagement for culture. These skills were built through Pat's previous work and research in archaeology, heritage and museums. He even worked digging holes for a while - in exotic, faraway places such as Pompeii and... Yorkshire.

Pat came to Cogapp having worked for the York Museums Trust as Wikipedian-in-Residence and on other Open Digital projects. Having done all he could with basic tools, Pat decided to retrain as a web developer so he could actually get under-the-hood of the internet and make the projects he had been dreaming of.

Once, for 'fun', he filled in a 1910 job description for an ideal curator. It was an informative process, but sadly his horse riding skills were probably lacking.


LinkedIn: Pat Hadley

Twitter: @PatHadley