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Kidney Patient Guide was as useful to me as anything I ever received in the way of medical treatment…I am regularly really moved by seeing new people arrive at the KPG forum in a state of obvious panic - a few hours later, their sense of relief is palpable.
— Andy Williamson, Chair of the Kidney Patient Association Guys Hospital
I just wanted to send a thank you to all involved in creating this site. It has been so EXTREMELY helpful in explaining as well as illustrating the whole process of what happens in dialysis and how it works. I have learned very much from it and have forwarded it to other family members.
— Mike, site user

About the project

People who suffer from kidney disease do significantly better when they understand their condition. The Kidney Patient Guide is an ongoing experiment in delivering high quality online support and information to people affected by chronic kidney disease.  Funded by an award from the Wellcome Trust, and established in 1999 with Dr Peter Rutherford, and healthcare consultants the Balance of Care Group, the site has been maintained by Cogapp on a pro-bono basis ever since.  

It serves hundreds of thousands of people whose lives are affected by kidney disease each year. With over 1800 registered users posting an average of 20 posts daily, the Kidney Patient Guide (KPG) has a thriving online community, with a total of nearly 35,000 posts, relating to 4000 topics to date.  Its peer to peer sociability has spilled over into a number of real world events. The site is also used and recommended by many professionals in the field and we receive dozens of requests per year from health educators for permission to use the animations in their training materials. In July 2007, KPG was named a key source of information in its sector by NHS Choices. In the summer of 2009, we gave the site a design refresh and significantly improved its navigation. 

The Kidney Patient Guide won the Freshest Not for Profit Gold Award at the Fresh Digital Awards in autumn 2009.

The Kidney Patient Guide