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Cogapp has been innovating in the cultural sector for over 30 years. Our approach is grounded in extensive domain knowledge applied to create elegant, user-friendly, joyful digital experiences for our clients.

Our creative process involves five activities.

01. Digital strategy

Aligning a digital project with an organisation's wider strategy is key to maximising the impact of a project. In collaboration with our clients we craft a project vision that acts as a north star for our work together. This guides our thinking on a daily basis, whether considering the aesthetic or technical, ensuring every decision supports the strategic goals of our client.

You can read more about our work in this area in our book, Digital Strategy for Museums.

02. User experience

User-centred design is at the core of our design practice. Cogapp excels at transforming complex, specialist content into accessible and engaging digital experiences. Our award-winning UX work succeeds in offering both expert audiences and the general public the interfaces they need to explore and enjoy all that our clients have to offer.

Our evidence-based approach delivers work that is not only beautiful but user-friendly and accessible to the highest-standards. Activities we often employ include:

Our iterative approach ensures our solutions are constantly improved and, when delivered, are precisely suited to the goal of the project and our clients' audiences.

03. Design

Our award-winning design practice has developed the public face for some of the most iconic brands in the cultural sector. It's unusual to find a digital agency that is as thoughtful in its approach to the visual as the technical.

Our approach to design is to immerse our team in the principles and brand of our clients, we then work closely with our clients to set a design direction early in the project and iterate and refine throughout.

We design for ease-of-use and accessibility. It's within these constraints that our team thrives, elevating Cogapp's design to deliver exciting, on-brand work that truly represents our clients.

04. Technology

Underpinning the services described above is our technical expertise. Our team has decades of experience delivering long-lasting technical solutions for some of the most visited cultural institutions on the planet.

We are excited by innovative, challenging projects, particularly those that involve large volumes of content and large public audiences.

Our work can be grouped into the areas below:

We are technology agnostic with experience across many content management systems and frameworks, in short we choose the right tool for the job. Recent projects have taken advantage of the following technologies:

Where possible we favour open source software. Indeed we have published some of our own work for the community to build upon.

05. Agile project management and production

Digital is a disruptive and ever-evolving space to work in. All of the above activities need to be co-ordinated and managed in this context and we have a proven track-record of delivering large-scale projects, with many stakeholders, across timezones, to the highest quality.

We have certified Scrum Masters supporting our multi-disciplinary teams. This fosters a healthy, supportive working environment that is efficient, creative and a joy to be a part of. We work closely with our clients; our process is transparent and collaborative.

We respect the expertise of our clients and through our Agile process we harness all the expertise on offer to deliver exceptional quality.

We collaborate with excellent third-party specialists