The Unilever Series at Tate Modern

Award-winning iPad app


The Unilever Series at Tate Modern app received a Silver award in the Freshest App category in the Fresh Awards 2012 and was shortlisted in the Education and Reference: Tablet category in the 2nd Annual Lovie Awards.

Working collaboratively with Tate Publishing, we created a clean and comprehensive iPad app that celebrates thirteen years of The Unilever Series at Tate Modern.

Traditionally, for each exhibition, Tate Publishing produced a book featuring the individual artist and their commission. For the final year, however, Tate wanted to create an interactive retrospective of the entire series of artwork by producing an iPad app.


We built the app using an agile method. Our Production department created a workflow where multiple team members and the client could easily add and change content with minimal technical effort. This meant that over three months the content changed almost every day, with continuous review stages to understand what users find most engaging.


There was a huge amount of content to be included in the app, including films, full-length essays and hundreds of retina display photographs and sketches - much of which was being showcased for the very first time. Our approach was to craft the design and typography so it was intuitive, simple and elegant to ensure that the content could speak for itself. The design mirrors the distinctive space of the Turbine Hall and uses a time wheel gesture to navigate through the content, allowing the user to go forward and back in time.

The final app provides users with a high quality, content-rich, interactive experience, in keeping with Tate’s brand values.