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Holopro installation

London, UK

About the project

The Prudential Group approached Cogapp, wishing to have a cutting-edge art installation built for their (then) headquarters in London.

As a global financial institution operating in the 21st Century, they needed an innovative and befitting way to present their brand and key messages to visitors.

We created the Prudential Eye: a storytelling device that illustrates the company's past, present and future through a stunning display system that uses the largest piece of custom holographic glass in Europe.

We built a bespoke display engine to seamlessly synchronise four projections on the ultra-widescreen glass. The flexible system allows the display to be updated on the fly, with greetings or other messages.

An innovative projection system - unique in conception and ground-breaking in delivery - the Eye is a beautiful and high-impact means for welcoming visitors to the building, offering them a different, and potentially tailored, experience every time.