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Yiddish Book Center

Rescuing and preserving an entire culture

Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

About the project

  • Highly flexible Drupal website combined with online archives
  • Representing their unrivalled archives online
  • Successfully incorporating Yiddish and Roman search and display
  • Uniting five distinct archives of books and recordings for the first time
  • Underpinned by a comprehensive digital strategy

The Yiddish Book Center is a cultural institution dedicated to the preservation of books in the Yiddish language as well as the culture and history those books represent.

Screenshots of the new website

Following digital strategy consultancy, the new site that Cogapp and the Center built together is a highly flexible Drupal website combined with online archives, uniting five distinct archives of books and recordings for the first time.

The new website that we built together uses a custom 'data mill' to extract and combine metadata on their disparate archives, so that they can be presented together and searched seamlessly.

Screenshots showing the Yiddish language keyboard and search filters

The Center needed a flexible website that would allow them to tell their stories the way they want to. For the first-time, they are now able to use Yiddish throughout the site, and the site and archives can be searched in Yiddish and English.

The Yiddish Book Center rescued and preserved a culture. We are proud to have helped them in the next stage of their mission: sharing that culture with the world.