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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy for Museums Guide

  • What is digital strategy?
  • Do you need a digital strategy?
  • What would it take to create a good one?

A practical guide for museums (and other organisations) that want to do more with their digital programmes.

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Cogapp has been working on strategic digital projects for household name organisations including leading museums for more than twenty years.

Over the years, as digital strategy has become more important for our clients, we have formalised our approach and run a series of successful digital strategy programmes.

This guide is based on that experience. Starting with the question 'What is Strategy?' and running through to the practicalities of how to run a systematic and successful digital strategy programme, this comprehensive guide is a complete, non-technical, introduction to an increasingly important subject.

Contents include:

  • What is Strategy? - a surprisingly misunderstood topic
  • Museums and Digital - what's special about museums in relation to digital media
  • What is Digital Strategy? - what is special about digital compared with other kinds of strategy
  • The Need for Digital Strategy - some of the reasons why you might need a digital strategy (and why you might not)
  • A Digital Strategy Canvas - a framework for organising your work
  • How to Develop a Digital Strategy - a four step approach explained in detail
  • The Digital Strategy Report - how to write a report that will get results
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - some of the common pitfalls
  • Next Steps - where to go from here
  • Further Reading - readings on strategy, innovation and museums including a selection of digital strategy reports produced by leading museums

We have also written about digital strategy on our blog.

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