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Open source at Cogapp

Our contributions to the community

We favour open source software

As a company Cogapp is technology agnostic, we use the right tool for the job at hand. Having said that, we also believe in the open source movement so when developing solutions for our clients, Cogapp favours open source software.

We have committed code and other resources to many open source projects over the years including DrupalIIPImage, and various smaller projects. We have also released software developed in-house and on behalf of our clients.

Recent highlights include our work with Hammer Museum creating Hammer Channel, an open source video archive platform, and an open source natural history collection platform for our friends at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Recent open source projects

Both projects are available on GitHub:




We also publish the source code to our hack day projects and other smaller experiments on the CogappLabs GitHub account.

Keep us in the loop

We would love it if people took on our work and used it for the benefit of the wider cultural sector. One of our core principles is to lead our industry forward, we hope our participation in the open source movement helps to deliver on this aim.

If any of our work has helped you in any way we'd love to hear from you.